Blank & Jones / Relax – The Best of a Decade (2003-2013)の紹介と感想(超々おススメアルバム)


Blank & JonesのRelaxシリーズの1~7を中心につくられたベストアルバム。


Desire (Ambient Mix)

Loneliness (with Bobo)

Beyond Time (Ambient Mix)



Relax – A Decade 2003-2013 Remixed & Mixe

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  1. Pura Vida (with Jason Caesar)
  2. Happiness (with Cathy Battistessa)
  3. Quedate (with Mystic Diversions)
  4. Heavens On Fire (with Luke)
  5. Coming Home
  6. Nothing Can Come Between Us (with Mike Francis)
  7. Nuits Blanches
  8. Relax (Vargo Vocal Mix)
  9. City Lights (with Mike Francis)
  10. Comment te dire adieu
  11. Flaming June (with Elles)
  12. Desire (Ambient Mix)
  13. Loneliness (with Bobo)
  14. Breezin’
  15. Someone Like You (with Mike Francis)
  16. Lullaby
  17. J’en Reste là (Stardelay Mix) [with Coralie Clement]
  18. Lazy Life (Jazzed) [with Julian & Roman Wasserfuhr]
  19. Face a la mer (Facing the Sea) [with Jason Caesar]
  20. Days Go By (with Coralie Clement)
  21. I Love You (Late Night Mix) [with Mike Francis]
  22. Revealed (Late Night Mix) [with Steve Kilbey]
  23. Unknown Treasure (with Claudia Brücken)
  24. Beyond Time (Ambient Mix)
  25. Fallen (with Delerium & Rani)
  26. Watching The Waves (Ambient Mix)
  27. Survivor (with Mike Francis)
  28. Chilled Cream
  29. Hideaway (with Jason Caesar)
  30. Let’s Make People Smile (with Cathy Battistessa)
  31. Josephine (with Mike Francis)
  32. Relax (Your Mind) [with Jason Caesar]
  33. Miracle man (with Cathy Battistessa)
  34. Lazy Life (with Jason Caesar)
  35. Best of Relax (Continuous Mix 1)
  36. Best of Relax (Continuous Mix 2)
  37. VideoLazy Life (with Jason Caesar)
  38. VideoPura Vida (with Jason Caesar)
  39. VideoHappiness (with Cathy Battistessa)




Blank & Jones(ブランク・アンド・ジョーンズ):チルアウトからトランスまで幅広いジャンルをまたぐドイツ出身のデュオ
Blank & Jonesはドイツ出身のデュオ。メンバーはJan Pieter BlankとRené Runge。Café del Marシリーズにも楽曲を提供し、自らチルアウト・アルバムも作成している。チルアウトはRelaxシリーズとしてリリースされ、シリーズは10枚を超える。